Friday, September 30, 2011

Medical Check up again huh~

Salam all~

Hai my lovely cutest brothers and sisters. this morning i went to medical check up at UTP clinic. again i have to check my urine test,blood test, pressure test, mental test and what so ever lah. i no need to go to the Ipoh for X-ray because i had done it before for medical check up for ipta. so, i just use it for this UTP medical check up. im a bit scared to take my blood test. the blood that the doctor taken was so 'banyak'. penuh satu botol or bekas tmpt letak darah tu aku tak tahu la apa nama benda alah tu. haih~

then the medical check up was over. before i continue, sorry for my broken english,im still learning using english. do correct me if i merepek merapu. tq. next, now im at my room. dont know what to do right now. my roommate went to Ipoh now to take her x-ray . i think my english getting rubbish. haih~ never mind i never give up. ha! i forgot something. after the medical check up, i got my internet wire cable from my senior. thanks a lot. now the internet was run faster u know. i just paid it RM4.50 for 3meters length. quite cheap u know compare with my friends they paid RM6.00 for 3meters. haha. pity them.

i think i want to go to Manjung to buy something. Mr Kepala Angin finish your medical check up faster please coz i dont want to return late at night. psttt!! Mr Kepala Angin nak balik rumah basuh baju. untung lah rumah dekat.

-The End-

until the next entry yaw!

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