Thursday, July 21, 2011

coklat & pudina

Salam belog:61:. . .
i try something different here:e:. i'm gonna blogging in english:face26:. may i:120: yes of cause,this is site of mine. (AMARAN: agak2 kalau nak muntah:131:,tahan boleh:s: sebab menyesal nanti kalau tak tengok aku ber'english' ni. :face75:haha.)

i just finished read this comic:60:! awesome:face15:! The story of Keito :face74:who never has any luck when it comes to :a1:love:a1: even though she is already in the second year of junior high. One morning, she helped a cute:9: little boy who fainted due to anemia(i spell it correctly rite?). Despite his cute face, the boy didn't even to thank her, instead he called her "Aunt"!:p: Surprisingly:face28:(i think i'm gonna use goggle dictionary to spell this:face65:), even though he looked like a primary school kid, the boy was actually a first year student in Keito's school! And to know more better you buy it and read for your own. :face39:Otherwise,pay me then i will read it for you the full version story. HAHA.:face64:

until the next entry yaw!

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