Friday, October 12, 2012

OMG! Oh My Gucci!

What?? its not about Gucci or what. its about yesterday. i'm not in good condition since yesterday. i went to the clinic than got a few pills to eat. oh damn! i hate that kind of pills. bluekk! thanks lah doc.

the only happy thing that i had done yesterday was i brought two more Aidijuma  scarf. heeee^_^ 
pls dont tell to my mom. shhhhhhhhhh.... but at the same time i wasted my money again. arghhh. never mind. -_-"


Pssstttt! jangan tanya kenapa ada ubat sendi dan urat. babe! i bukan takat demam je tau. saket lutut skali lah semalam, plus, kaki kerap kebas*

until the next entry yaw!

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